Alfred D. Kulik, MD, FACS

There will no longer be any routine medical care provided by Dr. Kulik.
Please note that other Ophthalmologist (eye care specialists) are currently maintaining medical practices at this same location:
St. Mary’s Eye and Surgical Center
540 Bergen Blvd.
Palisades Park, NJ 07650

For routine eye care and appointments you may directly contact the Center at:   (201) 242-9060 or Contact any other ophthalmologist you choose.


For established patients of Dr. Kulik, you may inform the Center that “you are a patient of Dr. Kulik and that the Center was recommended by Dr. Kulik.”

Please understand that the Center is NOT the official Emergency Coverage for Dr. Kulik and is not required to see you.  Dr. Kulik highly recommends this Center as an excellent, qualified medical facility for alternative care when Dr. Kulik is unavailable.
Note: the New Jersey office number for Dr. Kulik will remain active.
T. (201) 346-EYES
F. (201) 944-0099


Concerning “compassionate care” or “Concierge Services,” you may contact our staff at the above numbers.

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