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The CDC reports an outbreak of approximately 805 lung injury cases from across 46 states.  Preliminary investigation suggest vape products which contain THC are to blame for the outbreak. The CDC reports 77% of the patient cases it investigated had been utilizing THC-containing products and 36% “reported exclusive use of THC-containing products.” 

News reports are tying these “THC-containing products”  to black market vape cartridges.

Black market products are products which are not sold through state-approved dispensaries. 

It is suspected these black market cartridges were made utilizing vitamin E acetate (which looks similar in color to THC oil). When heated, Vitamin E acetate vaporizes, but reforms to its original state inside the lungs. 

Many counterfeit cartridges are made to look like products sold from medical dispensaries. The only safe way to ensure a product’s safety, is to purchase all prescriptions directly from authorized dispensaries in your state.

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